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Zhende Medical Co.,Ltd

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Zhende Medical Co.,Ltd
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Established in 1993 Zhende Medical Co Ltd Shanghai Stock Code 603301 is one integrated healthcare and personal care service and products leader in China Our mission is to deliver safe and cost effective patient care through our expansive portfolio of traditional wound care advanced wound care OR infection control compression and fixation treatment personal care sports protection and disinfectant products With 5 manufacturing bases in Zhejiang Henan Jiangsu Anhui and Xinjiang and distribution network and sales centers covering 31 provinces in China Zhende is providing value added solutions for 73 countries mainly in Europe America and nearly 10 000 health systems hospitals and over 40 000...

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Friendly New Structure Surgical DrapesGauze Swabs.Non-Woven Products.Elastic Bandages.Surgical Kits
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